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Google Earth 3D models in the real world

ARSights is a project by Inglobe Technologies, an italian company specialized in the development of Virtual and Augmented Reality applications. It is based on ARmedia, Inglobe's platform for Augmented Reality (AR), which allows a simple and astonishing way of integrating digital content in real world. ARSights aims at extending Google Earth (GE) wih AR functionalities.
Based on the Plug-in of GE for internet browsers, it allows users to download models from ARSights Placemarks (Network Link) and to experience them by using Augmented Reality Technology. All you need to make ARSights work is an Internet Connection, a PC, a WebCam, Google Earth Plugin and ARsights. It works in a very simple way:

  • download and Install ARSights
  • print a suitable pattern, we call the Marker
  • browse our GE Network Link and pick up your preferred 3D model
  • download the 3D model and run the application.

Once you have installed ARSights you don't need to reinstall it again in order to visualize other 3D models. In this case you can simply keep searching and picking up ARSights models and run them within the application.

Video Gallery
  • Eiffel Tower ARSigths Web
  • Eiffel Tower ARSigths GE
  • Statue of Liberty ARSigths Web
  • Statue of Liberty ARSigths GE
  • Petronas Towers ARSigths Web
  • Petronas Towers ARSigths GE
  • Chichen Itza ARSigths Web
  • Chichen Itza ARSigths GE
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